“Beale Street brewed. Music Row crafted. The Southland’s smooth, soulful crooner and writer [Makky Kaylor] tastefully captures the essence of Faulkner and Twain, Ray Charles and more, but with his own distinct ‘swanky’ musical brand. Bravo!” –Event Review

Makky Kaylor & the Swanky South Players

“Distinctly Southern – Delightfully Swanky”

Every Makky Kaylor and The Swanky South Players show is a cool, vintage Kentucky Derby-style soirée – a celebration of the glorious southland! Soulful southern crooner and songwriter Makky Kaylor’s all-star mini-orchestra The Swanky South Players under the musical direction of esteemed horns arranger/tuba player/upright bassist Joe Murphy also includes Grammy winning guitarist Andy Reiss (The Time Jumpers), legendary piano man/bandleader Mark T. Jordan (Bonnie Raitt), and top regional horns players. Surprise musical guests often make special appearances with the band.

“Distinctly southern – delightfully swanky” – the stylish new show breathes new life into jazz standards of the early 20th century with distinct southern flavor and is topped with music industry veteran Makky Kaylor’s intrinsically soulful vocal stylings and his original uptown southern compositions. “We’ve really cranked the swank musically” Makky says with a southern gentlemanly twinkle in his eyes, “with some of the finer ingredients of our beautiful, beloved southland… Satchmo, Handy, Ray Charles, classic southern literature, all set to music” and by some of the finest musicians the southland has to offer. “I’ve been blending the southern sounds of country and soul with trad jazz for a long time so it was just natural to take it even swankier with Joe’s horns. You know, declare a major. Writing and performing this music has never seemed more natural to me. I call it ‘southern jazz’ and folks from various genres of music seem to really enjoy what we’re doing. It’s fresh yet it’s got a vintage element to it and, well, it’s swanky ‘take your baby to town’ music.” A classic-style radio broadcast “Live From The Swanky South” is planned to expand the show’s growing audience.

Kaylor’s last album “A Little Sentimental” (Vision Record) was a collection of uptown Nashville classics. Makky has begun work on a brand new recording project with co-producer/guitarist Andy Reiss called “The Swanky South” which includes several Kaylor penned originals and innovative remakes of southern jazz standards.

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